About R. J. "Jim" Stracensky
Raymond James “ Jim” Stracensky is a lifelong resident of Cleveland, Ohio. His career as a professional award-winning photographer began over 25 years ago. Throughout his career he would periodically retreat from the business world to regain perspective. It was during these times he would find much solace in nature. Exploring natural settings around Cleveland and around the world, Jim was always searching for the things that would recharge his spirit. In his travels he was often compelled to document what he saw. What he discovered is that the beautiful vistas that exist all over the world could both inspire and heal the body and soul.

After many years and many retreats he decided to share these images along with inspirational, healing verse in his book Healing Images Healing Words. His photography has been and continues to be exhibited in galleries in and around the Ohio/Pennsylvania area as well as Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Lufthansa’s First Class Lounge at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, The Wasmer Gallery Religious Art Exhibit, The Malvina J. Freedson Gallery, and the Cleveland Metro Parks Gallery. He has also appeared on several local television and radio programs, and his photographs have appeared in Cleveland Magazine, several local and regional newspapers, and The Academy Graphic Communication 2011 Calendar. National publications include St. Anthony’s Messenger, US Catholic Magazine and Nursery Retailer Magazine.

He is currently working on another book Seasons of the Heart: A Healing Journey with the sustained theme of healing, photography & verse. His book and photography’s message is simple. It encourages people to take the time to see, experience and absorb the healing beauty of nature that exists all around us.

About Healing Images, Healing Words
Healing Images,Healing Words is not about images, or words, it is about the desire to create a thing of beauty. To surround oneself with life, basking in the serenity that is often unnoticed, but available to us all. Healing Images, Healing Words is a wonderful book well designed, produced and filled with page after page of superlative photography.

With vivid and dramatic photographs, ardent and lyrical text, this stunning book provides an in-depth look at the beauty created by God-and man, with God's guidance. R. J. Stracensky's book is a labor of love, filled with quotes and lyrics that this appealing author has spent a considerable amount of time researching and writing.

The result is more than a decade of travel, photography, and "living life." This book is composed of 144 pages of photographs, with words of inspiration, hope and beauty. This beautiful book is a work of inspiration and beauty to be proudly displayed in your home or office.

For more information, please contact Jim at rjstracensky@aol.com or 216-749-1010.