"Jim Beautiful Job!"
Joyce, Jerry, & Mary Pacanosky of Cleveland, OH

"I like it because everyday I can read a page or two. Everyday is a different message.
Everyday I find a different message."


"What an absolutely beautiful compilation of visual and spiritual experiences!"

"What an amazing book with such relevance to everyday life and problems. Thanks for sharing it.
It really made me rethink a lot."


"I can't tell you how much I enjoy having your book on my nightstand. Some nights when I don't even realize it, I'm drawn to read it and it feels like I am talking to a friend."
Sue in Ohio

"The pictures and words are so beautiful. I will be sharing the book with my family.
It's too beautiful to sit on a shelf. "


"There is a message in this book for all men and women who are trying to support and understand."

"Absolutely breathtaking! God has blessed you with such a wonderful gift/skill. Peace be with you!"
Rev. Paul & Maxene Mills, Keith Mills of Horseheads, NY

"I love the verses in the book, so healing."

"The words and images kiss my soul. What wonderful reminders of God's love for me."
Dottie in North Carolina

"It was so delightful to read Jim's reflections. I will cherish the memory and the joys it brought to me. "
Aida of Brunswick, Ohio

"You have given me hope and strength."

"This is truly an inspiring and meditative book. I shall treasure it always."

"A MUST book for our Visitation Infirmary & Villa. It's awesome!"
Cathy Joy

"I've read through you book several times.The one I've gone back to the most is "Summer Solstice". I love the time of day you captured in this photograph. It evokes such a sense of peace and tranquility.The true treasures of the soul. "
Colleen in Ohio

"The book is truly a jewel and a delight to the senses."

"Your book is being read by everyone who visits my husband in the hospital. It's a big hit."

"Wow! Jim, you really are talented the pictures are so awesome, I could almost hear the water falling, crickets croaking, people talking, breezes blowing. Beautiful Job!"
Mary Tomecko of Cleveland, Ohio

"This book is awesome! I am swept away each time I use it!"

"Enter the world through the viewing lens of God. This books message is simple. It encourages people to take time to see and experience the beauty that exists all around us. Even through the darkest of times, with patience and trust in a truly loving and compassionate God, we can emerge from our struggles, renewed, refreshed, and strengthened knowing that we are deeply loved and cared for."
Newsletter of Cornerstone of Hope, Ohio

"Everyone is raving over the book and the photos are breathtaking."
Diane of Westlake, Ohio

"The photographs are spectacular and your words are soothing.A beautiful combination."

"Jim's striking book combines photography and words of peace, calm and hope. Its an excellent resource for personal prayer and reflection."
Pilgrim Church of Cleveland, Ohio

"We sold out within days."
The Book Shop, Lourdes France

"Your book is everything I thought it would be and more. The images were awesome and your accompanying meditations were inspiring."

" What a wonderful book! How grateful I am to have it. I am touched by Jim's effort to make the world better, to offer the people means to better themselves as well."
Sr. Lory SND, Rome, Italy

"This book really promotes healing."

"I like to look at a picture and prayer every night before I go to sleep. It helps wash away the chaos of the place and helps me relax and unwind."
Jason, American Soldier in Iraq

"Your book was waiting here when I returned from vacation.It is one of the most beautiful I have seen."
Jan in Missouri

"A gentle, peaceful, healing book"
Audrey in Missouri

"The photos from all over the world are breathtaking. The verses add even more meaning to the photos. A great help for meditation and prayer."
Jeanne in Cleveland, Ohio

"Your book is helping me through a difficult time."
Chris in California

"Lent is the perfect time to read the book."
Gloria & Frank

"Healing Images Healing Words is proud to be a part of the outstanding collection of books at The Grotto Book Store at Lourdes France."

"I feel your book has the ability to touch anyone who reads it. We all can benefit from a little spiritual bolstering now and then."

Ellie in Ohio

For more information, please contact Jim at rjstracensky@aol.com or 216-749-1010.